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Online casino games in India 


We bring you the best experience in the term of online casino games in India. Welcome to Rajabets.com, where you can explore the whole new world of online gambling for real money. Whenever you want to explore the world of online gambling, you want to leave everything behind to dig into the world of online casino games in India. Online gambling has changed too much over the past years. And we want a place where we can have such an experience that can fulfill our overall need for gambling. We are here to bring that experience into your life. Want to go for online sports betting in India, we cover almost every sport available, and we are working every day to bring even better and bigger adventures to you.


In terms of online casino games, India has shown massive growth in a recent ongoing pandemic. More and more people are getting into online gambling since the pandemic has started in India, and we can be assured that it will grow more with time as well. Moreover, online casino gaming platforms are rising more than ever, and so are the different options of betting games too. You can check out other gambling dice games and bring more adventure and fortune to you.


You might want to try playing card games online. Maybe you are looking for an online casino that specializes in card games. We will bring you the best betting sites for such an experience. You will get all the gambling freedom you desire for choosing the best site for your suit. You can differentiate between them on the basis of your preferences, like the promotions and bonuses they offer to you.


Best Casino Welcome Bonus


Different online casinos will offer you different types of online bonuses to attract more players to them. You can grab that opportunity if you wish to. It’s an offer for you that is totally cost-free, as in you get it for free. New Online gamblers can profit out of that welcome bonus to bring more joy in gaming and earn more profit with their money.


To select an online casino for you, just make sure you get to choose a casino that offers you the best welcome bonus. Some casinos will offer you a high welcome bonus with high wagering requirements, and others will provide you low welcome bonus will low wagering requirements.


All online casinos offer some kind of casino welcomes bonus to attract new players. Using a welcome bonus is not mandatory. It's simply an offer. It doesn't cost you anything, and it's players, we can take advantage of this by using the casino welcome bonus to have more fun and make more profits from our money.


 Before deciding which online casino to choose, you need to make sure you choose the best possible casino bonus. All casino bonuses are different. Some casinos offer you a very high bonus amount, with a high wagering requirement, while other casinos offer a smaller bonus amount and a smaller wagering requirement. Choose the best options for you and have fun with online gambling with us. And we will make sure to bring maximum joy to your online gambling experience with our own experience of several years of understanding each term of online gambling. We consider it as more than a business to us. It is a brilliant way to bring joy and excitement to our users. And we will stay passionate to bring more and more improvements in the term of online gambling for our users to keep this spirit alive for online casino games.


Live Casino Games


You will be offered different games by casinos such as:

· Blackjack

· Roulette

· Baccarat

· Online Poker

· Bingo

· And many more!


Play in Indian rupees


The online gambling industry is massive. There are thousands of sites offering casino platforms, but all are not safe and licensed to help you withdraw real money with the trusted payment methods. Also, using rupees as currency is not easy.We are here to find the best Indian market that may help you to give you the best sports, gambling card games for real instant money into your bank account.


Our mission is to provide their Indian players with a platform to play Online Gambling For Real Money. Rajabets assures you about the incredible games selection on betting with detailed information about each game.


You can participate in your favorite game for fun or to make real cash. To play the Gambling Dice Games, you must have a laptop or a desktop system.


Create a new account and registered with us to be a part of mind teaser games. All you need is to follow the simple procedure; you have to add funds to your account for playing real money games. 


On the other side, if you don’t want to invest money for the first time, you can choose the demo option in the game you are playing it. 


But every time the player registered with us can benefit from a 100% casino bonus for the first-time deposit and can win a chance to access active tournaments and free spins. Make sure you are confident while playing.


Don’t need to be stuck in any doubt like stealing your personal information because we are using the latest encryption software to make your details confidential and safe from hackers.


You will feel secure here while playing online gambling games as we are fully licensed and regulated to offer you trustworthy real money games and services.


Further, we strongly believe in responsible gambling, and we can proudly say we have found the best casino platform in India. Playing real money games is fun, but if you need assistance, we can assist you in any way we can.


You can enjoy endless entertainment and fun in the cosmic beyond. With the most exciting game selection, exciting promotions, and more, Rajabets is the ultimate gaming destination.


Finally, if you have any queries in your mind, please feel free to contact us. Our trained customer support team is ready to help with any inquiry you may have. Our Customer support service works 24/7.


Casino Welcome Bonus


Welcome bonuses on these online bookmaker casinos are a way to attract customers to participate and raise their interest in the live casino events. Before you think about obtaining the welcome bonuses of these casinos, check if they are available for Indian customers and Indian currency. 


You can obtain welcome bonuses from these online casinos after logging in to your account and partaking. Rajabets offers multiple welcome bonuses on their live casino events that differ in amount, such as the Cricket Roulette offers you a 100% matched bonus up to Rs.60,000. In contrast, you stand to gain Rs.3000 welcome bonus credit on the Bollywood Blackjack table.            


Lofty Welcome Casino Bonus offered by Rajabets have created a standard of their own. All new members into the online casino platform enjoy a 100% casino bonus after making their first minimum INR 100 deposit. It is a one-time offer, so you better take full advantage of it. 


These are some of the welcome bonuses offered by popular and best online betting sites in India. To know more about the welcome bonuses of these casinos, we suggest you visit the inbound links that will take you straight to the terms and conditions page regarding welcome bonuses. 


How to get maximum profit from online betting in India


Online betting, casino games along with slots, and other stuff likewise can be a lot of fun to play. They will give you a huge boost of adrenaline, and you will be tempted to spend more money on these games than what may be acceptable. In times like this, you have to remember to keep fun aside and focus on your skills. Betting skills are important if you have to raise your odds and win. You can not always depend on luck. 


Before betting on any sport, know it inside out. Learn everything that appears important and can help you make your predictions correct. For instance, if there is a football game approaching, get to know who is playing, the lineup, forms of players, strengths and weaknesses of individual players and teams, and records. All of this information will keep you making solid predictions ahead of the game. 


Compare your odds of winning the bet across different bookmakers. You can't always depend on one, and you have to spread your reach. Gain as many promotions as possible along with on-site predictions features too. Do not depend on website tips on who is going to win. Make your predictions to be completely sure. 


Check betting offers, promotions, bonuses, rewards, welcome bonuses, and the like on different betting websites. Create several betting accounts to gain maximum profit from online betting in India. But remember to maintain your discipline, do not place bets on impulse. Think and think again before placing bets. Do not place bets on money you can not afford to lose. 


How to Deposit & Withdraw Money in Online Betting?


If you want to place bets or claim welcome bonuses, you have first make a deposit on the online betting site. To make a deposit, navigate through an online betting platform and search for the cashier section. Look at what payment methods they accept and whether or not you have any of them. The most common payment methods that online betting sites in India choose to accept are Paytm, Google Pay, Debit/Credit Card, Netbanking, UPI, and more. International payment methods such as Mastercard and Visa are globally accepted across all bookmakers. The accepted payment methods vary from site to site, so it is better if you check prior You can check How to make a deposit in Rajabets? article for details..


Certain terms, conditions, and requirements need to be met before you can withdraw money from online betting sites. First, you have to submit a few documents to complete your KYC and ID verification. Payment methods for withdrawal are sometimes limited, compared to Deposit payment methods. Minimum and maximum withdrawal amount also differs across different online betting websites. 


Different types of online betting


Online Bettings have different types, most dedicated to sports or sporting events such as Cricket, Association Football, Horseraces, Basketball, and more. You may also see different wagers being offered for award shows such as the Grammys, Oscars, Emmys, and the like. Betting on the internet has been made interesting to attract more customers, and so far, it has turned out to be a booming industry that creates billions of dollars every year in  terms of revenue. Before you choose to bet online on any sports games, first get to know the sports events and sports you can bet on. What are the most popular games on which people place their bets and the minimum odds of winning. 


Cricket Betting


Cricket betting is perhaps the most popular form of online betting in India. The popularity of Cricket betting rose tenfold with the Indian Premier League, and now, it has gained considerable customer participation during ODIs, Twenty20, and Test Matches. 


Making correct predictions in Cricket is hard because it is an unpredictable game, so it is so interesting. To gain an expandable knowledge of cricket betting and increase your chances of winning, learn about the strengths and weaknesses of players on both sides, records of both the teams, spin and pace combination, current form of players, team combination, and pitch report. 


Identify the value of the game and choose the right bookmakers to place your bets. Since various online cricket betting sites are running, you need to pick the right choice based on their minimum odds, rewards, and offers. The best advice would be to search every one of the best online betting sites in India before a cricket match, check the updates and events of bets, and decide which site will be the most safe and beneficial choice for you. 


Rajabets has a separate section of their website dedicated to all online betting and casino events related to cricket. They have a single and combo system of placing bets, and Rajabets have exciting offers to go along with it. Since they cater to an Indian audience, bettings on the Tamil Nadu Premier League are also accessible. 


These are some of the cricket betting offers that are ongoing on different betting sites. 


Football Betting


Association football, also known as soccer or football, is a global sport that is extremely popular worldwide. Tournaments such as UEFA Euros, World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Premier League are watched by millions of people. So naturally, numerous online betting sites also carry out betting events geared towards making correct predictions on the number of goals each team scores and who wins the game at the 90-minute whistle. Some betting sites on the internet even offer tips that help people make correct predictions. 


But you can't always depend on these predictions, you have to know the game yourself. Get to know the players' forms, strengths, and weaknesses of individual players and teams, who is most likely to score a goal, etc. Having enough knowledge regarding all the factors of the upcoming game will help you make the correct predictions. 


Horse Betting


You have perhaps noticed horse betting events in movies where the rich, royalties, and common people which horse will. Horse Betting events are a special event among rich societies and a great opportunity for the middle and lower income class to make some extra bucks by making the correct predictions. 


To predict well in horse betting, you have to know the current form and health of horses, check how they have performed in previous races, and how the event ranks them. If you are interested in horse/horserace betting, you can always go to Rajabets, which offers horserace betting in domestic and international markets. It is a reliable bookmaker and 


Kabaddi Betting


Kabaddi is an all-Indian, exciting, and interesting sport that has boosted in popularity ever since the Pro Kabaddi League tournament came into the picture. If you have a good grasp about the rules and style of Kabaddi play and if you are an avid enthusiast of the Pro Kabaddi League, why not try Kabaddi Betting? Take advantage of your predictions and place the best bets on the game. The extra cash after winning will surely look good in your bank statement. 


If you are interested in Kabaddi Betting, you can try Rajabets that offers a great selection of Kabaddi betting options. 


Basketball Betting


Basketball betting is especially focused on the globally popular American tournament called the NBA. The NBA has been an important part of American culture, and people worldwide have expressed their admiration for the game. Online betting on these games is extremely popular and even fantasy basketball garners some attention from betting enthusiasts too. Another popular tournament of basketball is the Euroleague. 


To bet on Basketball sporting events, you can go to Rajabets that gives you options to bet on NBA, Euroleague, Liga ACB(Spain), BBL (Germany), and WNBA Friendlies, etc. 




When sporting events such as the Olympics, World Championship, Football World Cup, Cricket World Cup, and more are held, online betting sites create a specific platform to bet on these games. Rajabets online betting platform has created a live olympic betting webpage which you can access, make your prediction and bet on the ongoing games. A few other types of online betting include cycling betting, Formula 1 betting, Boxing betting, Wrestling betting, Badminton betting, Hockey betting, esports betting, and more. 


Tips & Tricks


If you are a beginner at online betting, you need to control your emotions and keep them away while playing and placing bets. Make educated guesses if you do want to risk the chance of losing your money. Have proper knowledge about what you are betting on and how many wins you can stand to lose and win. You do not want to sit empty-handed after a round of betting on the Internet. 


Research well ahead about what you are betting on and check past trends and performances. Get to know more than just the fundamental knowledge about online betting. For instance, if you are betting on an Indian Premier League tournament, check the past performances of both teams, including runs and play of specific cricketers too. It will help you to make a well-informed guess during betting and increase your chances of winning. 


If you visit one of India’s best online betting websites listed above, we recommend you visit and navigate the websites before placing bets. This way, you do not have to spend extra minutes trying to locate options and lose valuable time which you can spend on betting itself.


We will also recommend checking the trends, results, and other information displayed on the betting sites. The more you know about the latest happenings in the online gambling world, the easier it will be to play games and earn some cash. Check how they carry out transactions of money and their legality. 


Open more than one betting account and accept offers of bonuses and rewards. Read the terms and conditions before accepting the bonuses. Be as aware as possible about your chances of winning, and do not bet money you can not afford to lose in hopes of winning more cash. You never know when luck will be on your side or not. Measure the probabilities of you winning compared to losing. 


The timings of placing online bets are one of the most crucial factors in online gambling. Check for live bets if any are going on. To win exciting opportunities and rewards, you have to be well versed in the game you are partaking in. Look for attractive options to bet your money. Single bets are the most common options people choose while online betting. It has its own set of rewards and risks, but winning is easier here. All you need is to have an expansive knowledge of the game along with a teaspoon of luck to win single bets. 


Keep track of your decisions on various betting platforms. A document where you list out all the bets you have placed, your predictions, along with the status and details of the game, will help you make better bets. You can also keep track of where your money goes and which form of online betting you stand to garner the most profits. 


Consider discussing the games with fellow online gamblers and sports lovers. They will help expand your knowledge, but you can make a profit by taking their suggestions and advice. 


History of online betting


Betting based on sports has been going on for centuries, and it probably started during Gladiator matches in ancient Greece. The advent of the internet was closely followed by online gambling. From poker, casinos, and sports bettings, these three being the most popular form of online gambling, they have garnered a lot of money into their platforms. Globally, online betting on sports events is one of the most popular forms of gambling ongoing in current times. If you can predict a game well, place your bets on the game’s outcome, and make correct predictions, you will win money. 


Online betting is popular worldwide, but they are especially active in football, American football, basketball, horse racing, wrestling, and the like. If you are a sports lover and want to start with online betting, you can use your knowledge about these games to win some money. 


Online betting is also riddled with a lot of controversies and scandals. The wise move would be to research its history extensively before betting on a sport. You do not want the risk to loom over your head while you are betting on the internet. 




Since gambling falls under the jurisdiction of the State, you have to know more about your state before participating in online gambling. Gambling and betting laws vary from state to state in India. It is better to search about to avoid participating in any illegal activities with knowledge. In states like Goa and Sikkim, gambling and casinos, online and offline, are legal and contribute a lot to the states’ economy. 


Judging on a larger extent, we can conclude that online betting is indeed legal in India. Considering every state in the country, only a few have placed laws restricting online gambling, betting, and casinos. But to be completely sure, it is better to check the legality of these online gambling websites before placing your bets. 




Q. How to start online betting in India? 

Before starting online betting in India, learn about the ins and outs of the game you would like to place your bets in. Also have a bank account, online payment method, and a stable internet connection. Pick your choice of online betting sites in India from the above list and open an account. Then proceed to place bets on various on going games and events. 


Q. Is Online Betting Safe? 

The best online betting site in India is Rajabets, it is %100 safe and credible. The government and International authorities license it, and you can always refer to its customer support and agreements to check their authenticity. 


Q. Which is the best online betting site in India?

The best online bettings sites in India that we have created for you are the best in this league. Each one of these websites has areas where they shine. Suppose you ask us which online betting site in India you should start with from the list before trying others. In that case, suggestion is always Rajabets; because it has a user-friendly interface that will make your first online betting experience easy and comfortable. 


Q. Are online betting sites legal in India? 

Online betting sites are legal in India. But to be completely sure and reduce the risk of any chances of fraud or mischief, check the authenticity of an online betting site. Ask for their licensing number if it is not present on the website and discuss with other players on the platform about the status of payments or if they have even been cheated on the platform before. 

Final Words


To win online betting games and events, do not allow your emotions to get in the way. Play with expansive knowledge and place your money on bets you are considerably sure to win. Do not bet that you can not afford to lose and create multiple betting accounts. Follow the tricks and tips mentioned above while partaking in any betting platform among India’s best online betting sites. This betting guide serves every aspect of the fundamental knowledge you need to keep in mind when you take the first steps into the world of online betting. It is important to be safe and not fall for any dubious schemes. The best online betting sites in India that we have listed before are credible, and you can partake in their events without any worry about their authenticity.